"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of
all true art and science."
                                   Albert Einstein, Scientist
My style can be described as ‘Abstract Expressionism’, a form of art in which the artist
expresses herself purely through the use of form and color. No concrete objects are
represented in most of my artworks. ‘Abstract Expressionism’ can be broadly divided into two
groups: ‘Action Painting’, which puts the focus on the physical action involved in painting and
‘Color Field Painting’, which explores the effect of pure colors and textures on a canvas.
“In my abstract work I also explore the
mystery of a moment or visualizing the
story of a marking experience or
impression translated into different
colors. My pieces often start as a
journey and evolve and change as I
work to specify and refine the space.”
Like other artists I have developed a personal language of colors and shapes, a language I
constantly expand and present in new ways. I produce distinctly different styles that seem to
have no relations to each other. They are all a part of me, created by my mind and
translated through colors to the canvas.
My abstract work gives the viewer the opportunity to set his or her own imagination free and
leaves room for their personal interpretations and feelings.
I love to travel and live and work in an international
environment. That gives me the inspiration for my colorful
paintings.  As a member of the Independent Artists Forum (IAF),
a group that consists of four women and four different
nationalities, I enjoy the diversity of different cultural
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